Audi A1 Review

So better know before you get it

Audi A1 Review

It’s been almost 6 years since the release of the Audi A1 in 2010, and since then there were more than 500,000 units till date, and the number quickly increased soon after they were heavily discounted in the mid 2013.

The famous 1.0 litre turbocharged engine was soon replaced but the entry model being 1.2 litre one, likewise the 1.4 TSFI was replaced by the 1.8 litre TFSI engine.,
And the brand new s1 joined the family in the early March, but was made available in the late October ave being the first Quattro wheel drive from Audi it was ment to be a great success.


Coming to the different Variants of the A1 the first one with 1.0 litre will be produced in both 5 speed manual and a 7 speed S Trinidad dual – clutch auto transmission engine which can Produce a 70kiloW and a 160Nm with ease,

The Next model being the 1.4 litre TFSI 4 cylinder engine can me matched by a 6 speed manual or even a 7 speed auto transmission by its only model in the line up although not entirely new to A1 but a revamp is always appreciated and it can produce a 92kW at 5000RPM and a 200Nm between 1400-4000RPM

The final Variant being the top of the line model sports a 1.8 litre TFSI 4 cylinder which is indeed new to the A1 and will only be available with 7 speed S tronic dual clutch auto transmission and will be able to produce a 141KW at 5400RPM and 250NM from a 1250-5300RPM..!

Although there will be several different options made available for European and Asian markets but we cannot discuss all those here,

Right of the bat the audio A1 is surprisingly quite calm with just some occasional intrusions of the road noise, and the powerful engines tones are nicely yet distinctly silent and the changes have significantly made about the suspension and speaking about suspension at the front there is a MacPherson type suspension with a quiet low wishbone and rigid front transverse link and at the rear it has Semi-indipendent separately mounted suspension with birth separate springs and shock absorbers, As a result the Audi A1 very comfortably and smoothly glides over very road imperfections and a French countryside with its narrow roads and a jagged shoulders.

Not you mention the All new electro mechanical Power steering is a delight to use which also consumes comparitely very less energy.

And the new update includes exterior styling upgrades, and A1 is now two-centimeters longer and a sharper lines, with that there are different options available such as a 17-18″ alloy wheel Range and to be exact there are 17 different options available.

Now after talking that lets talk the front the headlights have more precised wedge shape LED day time running lights to be exact a xenon headlights option is also made available and the new grill is now wider and lower with more angular corners that inlets the are in a more lower and a wider way.

Now while we are done talking front why don’t we talk about the Rear and at the rear the Rear camera is not standard but you get sensors with which an audible warning when needed but the parking visibility needs to kind of desired, The seats are quite comfy and there a  feature set of those made available but the final models are to be confirmed.,

There is not much but satisfactory Space in the second row and there is also Bose surround sound support and the satisfactory cabin space can easily be possessed  atleast 4 persons which is again respectable..,
But we applaud the attention to detail that Audi has put into the fit and finish off the car  and every thing feels well sorted and is solid to feel and is of High quality which is to be expected at this price point.

Although all this we just concluded here were the impressions of the European model but the differences are but major which will come to INDIA other Asian markets, but let’s now tackle the elephant in the room the pricing but don’t worry the price is yet to be announced by eventually will be announced in a couple of months so that you can get ready to break your bank..!

So, there you have it a full Review about the features, build, design, comfort, drive experience and also the options that are available but what you do you think about the upgrades that Audi brought to the table with this year’s A1 are you overwhelmed or underwhelmed Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below and Help us out with some sharing on your favourite Social Medias..!

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