Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

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Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

If you ever have been through a situation where your find a pair who wants to be together in every situation but end up being a disaster for no reason, well you are probably looking at Gemini and Pisces relationship so let’s dig a bit deeper and take a look at their relationship with a closer look, as this is Gemini and Pisces Compatibility.

The relationship of sex between Gemini and Pisces is quite different as Gemini is that kind of person who is always in the hunt of Sex but with the loved one but when it comes to Pisces it’s a whole different story as it doesn’t care of the person with whom they are having Sex as long as they are the one who can satisfy their hunger and that is not that often. So the Relation might get a bit tricky over time as Gemini wants a satisfactory sex with its partner but most of the times Pisces isn’t able to provide such and with time if it continues to happen it is very much possible that Gemini might look for chances to separate and look else where.

Gemini and Pisces(Trust)
Trust is the most important factor when it comes to any relationship but it is one of the sore part of this relationship, no matter how hard one tires to make them come together they just can’t find trust in their relationship and that indeed it’s something which brakes the relationship because it doesn’t matter how strong ones relation is with its partner is trust isn’t in between them the Relation might catstrophically collapse and it is not their mistake it is just due to their relation in nature that such consequence takes place.

Most of the times there might evolve such situations where you might find them to be extremely trust worthy to each other but such isn’t actually the case so no matter how hard one or the other might try the trust is something that can never be high in this
Gemini and Pisces relationship.

Gemini Man and Pisces Woman
Taking the compatibility example of Gemini man and Pisces woman is quite ironically the same type of relationship in my real life and so it is quite obvious that there are real life like understanding involved so the Gemini is quite creative and passionate when it comes to Sex in their relationship but Pisces is someone who always ignores it and in a relationship where sex isn’t involved we doubt it hardly will last months as Sex is something that keeps a Man and a Women tied up so when ever needed of any additional security of trust in the pair Sex can very well be a boost in the relationship resulting in their relationship moving forward but unfortunately nothing like this can be found in Gemini and Pisces compatibility which is quite sad but true.

Gemini and Pisces  (Emotion)
As any other part of this compatibility is important similarly Emotion also plays an important role in the relationship and as is the case with every category of relationship Emotions are also very poorly involved in this relationship but that’s to expect considering the bad trust and sex relation of this compatibility and in many other compatibilities emotions are also the most carefully handled part of any relationship but it is often the worstly handled part of the relationship and in this case it can’t be even worst so all an all one thing that can easily be concluded about Gemini and Pisces Compatibility is that they are just not made for each other and even if you try to make them be with each other it is hard to say that this relationship will last any longer than a couple of years that too if everything goes well.

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There you have it all the similarities and differences between Gemini and Pisces, did any of the explanations featured above help you in better forming and if already then resolving your relationship, do Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below and help us out with some sharing on your favorite Social Networks.

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