iPhone 7 plus Review

Get this iPhone quite Literally

Following the success of iPhones till date, It’s no surprise where even if Apple wants us to spend thousand Dollars on a Smartphone people are Still going to buy them that too in millions that’s not to consider the Exploding Galaxy Note 7’s depocle, which will up the sales results of this year’s iPhone but now you have decided to buy iPhone but which one well the straight answer is the bigger iPhone 7 Plus, as this year Apple surprised us just a little bit more how..? be Sure to stick till the end to know.

Build and Design:

As, always let’s start with the Build and by no surprise the iPhone 7 plus is built like a tank and is one of the most exquisite and steardier device that we you can buy, the metal casing with 2.5D curved Glass as usual gives the iPhone 7 plus a premium look and feel to the device, which it better should in this price segment and while we are done appreciating that lets take a look at the placement of the device, as, on the Right we have the power Lock and unlock key along with The Sim tray and on the Left volume rockers and Mute Switch at the bottom it’s quite busy as We have the Lighting portprimary Microphone grill and at the bottom speaker grill and on top its clean and for those living under the Rock let me tell you that iPhone 7 plus Omits the 3.5MM Headphone jack and on the back we have the 12MP Apple iSight Camera quad LED flash and Secondary microphone and the legendary Apple LOGO and at the front We have a 5.5 Retina Full HD IPS display, 7MP CameraEarpiece/Speaker Grill, Some Sensors and Apple’s so called (Taptic engine enabled) Home button which is actually Not a Home button.


The Apple iPhone 7 plus comes with a 5.5” Retina Full HD IPS display with a resolution of1920*1080p with 401PPI which most Apple users are now familiar with but on paper atleast the PPI doesn’t feel that impressive but the display is well Saturated and has Wide viewing angles and Apple says it has 40% wide colour Gamutt and unless you are a huge Pixel peeper you will not notice any pixels on the screen and while we are here why don’t we talk about the Ion strengthen Glass which hopefully protects the iPhone from shattering ..!

Under the Hood:

So, while we are talking about the display why don’t we talk about what’s powering it on and So the iPhone 7 plus comes with a latest and Greatest Apple A10 fusion chip which is a quad core cluster for the first time consisting of 2 High performance cores for heavy duty tasks and 2 low powered cores for simple tasks which focus on power efficiency with 3GB of RAM and 32GB base storage which.. as you all know is not expandable, and so as every year the on paper Specs feel unimpressive, but due to the optimization of iOS and Apple’s in-house processor iPhone 7 plus fly’s through whatever you throw at it and Apple taunting at iPhone 7 plus being 120x faster then the first Gen iPhone is just impressive and the reason that iPhone 7 plus just has a 1080p display it results in a boon to the already beast Smartphone as it doesn’t need to push many pixels and is one of the if not the fastest Smartphone available on the market, and the SoC coupled with 3GB RAM and 32GB onboard storage the experience is just amazing and it doesn’t matter what iam doing with the device either it’s Games or Apps you name it the device can handle anything that you throw at it, that too with ease and the best part the device doesn’t heat up so you know if will not blow up like something.

Software/iOS 10:

And I don’t have run tell any iOS how familiar it is despite its restrictions abs if you are an Android user you will have hard time using it, if not iOS is iOS, it hasn’t changed in years were have the regular 4*5 Grid of icons and Apple doesn’t give us any option to do over changing the wallpaper hell it still doesn’t even give us an option to place apps where ever you want ,but still iOS 10 brings a lot to the table and you no longer need to swipe to enter the Homescreen instead you need to Tap on the Home button to enter the home and when you are into the home you will find all the icons you expect from iOS every year but new this year is that iOS now allows to hide most of the inbuilt apps yes you still can’t uninstall them but if you are a student and you don’t want the Stock app now you can hide it just to organize the Homescreen, and speaking of Homescreen now you can easily view any of your widget’s at the very left of your Home screen and so you can pin any of the widget to view right on your Homescreen and if you want your Notifications just swipe from the Top and where you will find all your app Notifications there you can swipe left to find your widget’s that you have set and if you want your quick toggles then swipe from the bottom of your Homescreen and it has now been divided into two pages not to mention you can also swipe down directly on the Homescreen for universal search no matter how much we say Apple doesn’t offer customizability (vs Android) we cannot deny the fact that that all iPhone user will either not care about it or will be happy with the snappyness of the iPhone’s.

Special features:

Speaking about the Display how can we forget the Special feature that iPhone 7 plus has I.e., 3D Touch or Force Touch which Apple introduced yester year with iPhone 6s by which if you hard press on anything on the Homescreen or anywhere on the phone you will get various reactions depending on which app or where you press remember you will only get feedback when you hard or Force press on the device not when you long press as you would normally do hence the potential for 3D Touch are endless and every year Apple adds a host of 3D Touch features but just to name some when you force Touch of the Camera icon you will get some quick options such as take a Selfie, Record a video, or to record a slow motion video without opening the app or when you Force Touch the Flash light icon you can set the intensity of the light or now you can update all the apps just by Force Touching the App Store icon so all and all iPhone 7 plus with 3D touch brings a lot to the table.., and not mention this year apple just stay in competition also has brought water resistance that is ip 67 rating to the iphone i know it’s not as high of the galaxy s 7 with ip 68 but will still be just about ok if you drop your iphone in a lake or a pool.


With that we get to the Camera’s and for you all spec junkies the iPhone 7 comes with the same 12MP Sensor but with f1.8 aperture with a 28MM lense, PDAF4k recording at 30FPS and 720p Super Slow motion 240FPS video with a 1080p 60FPS video support with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and for starters the iOS Camera app is just as you expect a 4:3 Field view and for options just swipe and it’s no surprise that anyone can use the iPhone camera in just minutes but there are some annoyance’s where just to change the video resolution Apple would force you to close the Camera app and go to Settings, but over all of we speak about the performance it is a huge improvement over the last year’s iPhone in every scenario as the pictures appear clear and well saturated and punchy and is neck to neck with the galaxy but feel short in my time but optical image stabilization with wide F1.8 aperture helps a lot and is certainly more efficient and powerful than the last year’s iPhone and it perhaps might not be the best camera smartphone but is certainly a step ahead then the previous iteration and so in what situation you are you can always expect a great picture out of the iphone., it also offers one of the best video cameras available on the market not to mention the crazy super slow motion 720p video at 240 fps video recording capability and microphones are terrific and records stereo audio.., and the front facing 7 megapixels camera is a leg up over the generation and will get the selfie job done but sadly it still cannot shoot full hd videos from the front shooter and for those who want to use for vlogging will be disappointed but all we want want to say about the cameras of iphone is it is one of the best shooters that you can buy in 2016 but is just behind the Galaxies..,

Battery life and Conclusion:

With that we finally come to the battery life and here is where the Apple’s Optimization comes into play as even the smaller 2900mAh Battery along with low resolution 1080p display and a power efficient apple A10 fusion helps iPhone being the battery king and is a juggernaut in battery life and it can  easily get you through the day or even 2 if you are a little too savy on your usage and when it comes topping the iPhone off it is sad to say that even this year’s iphone still doesn’t come with fast charging technology and so you have to wait for quite a bit of time to top it off..!




So what do we feel about the iPhone 7 plus in our opinion the iphone 7 plus as every year is the best apple device that you can buy and for many it would be the best phone you can buy but no matter what an android user feels about a iphone everyone agrees that iphones are steep but thankfully this year apple has increased the base storage from 16GB to 32GB and all the way upto 256GB from 128GB at the Max, either way the base price starts at 769$ and goes all the way up to 969$ and in INDIA it starts from 72,000 and ends at 92,000/-INR and if you have the cash to spend and are in Apple ecosystem then surely go for the iPhone 7 plus if not definitely there are many phones that will satisfy you better than the iPhone that too at far leasser prices. But that’s just us, what do you feel about our conclusion do you agree with what we say if not what is that you don’t agree with let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your favourite social media..!

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