Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon first drive Review

It’s fantastic

From its inception at the Frankfurt auto show in the late 1977, the famous Mercedes- Benz E- class wagon has finally entered it’s 40th year that is the 2017 model year, with that huge year Gap the new Mercedes-Benz E- Class wagon with its new and high tech and a hugely improved new engine options and one if the best semi autonomous driving features available make this car less like normal car and more like a Tech Product..,

The new E-Class Press Test Drive, Lisbon 2016
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon first drive Review – Photo via

As just mentioned the semi autonomous best in the business with its high-end technology to attend the very demanding strain of the driver to start it to stop in a normal road or a highway combining the fact that that the Car has cruise control, lage keeping and even automatic lane changing feature which allows the car to move smoothly and break, accelerate and determinating  traffic of the road with great consistency, with the driver putting minimal input, the car would easily detect the traffic and would easily reduce or increase the speed of the car but as it is still a early adoption some times the car would find it to be slightly difficult to understand in some tricky roads where there will be almost fine road markings or diversions in such cases the car makes a small yet noticeable chime sound letting us know that now we have to take the entire care of the car again..!

The E-wagon now currently offers E300 model under its AMG Counterparts, the E-class wagon gets an upgraded 3.0 litre Dual Turbo V-6 engine, so what that means is better performance when it comes to acceleration and breaking,

The suspension part of thing has also seen upgrade such as a multi clambered air suspension dynamically adjusting and also auto leveling will also ensure that your ride is smooth, and for the vehicle profiles although the final details hasn’t been confirmed yet, we can expect the the E400 will offer an exceptionally quite ride bumpy stretches while also maintaining the clear motion of wagons large body with the corners

The driver can easily give his hands on the controls of they Car i.e., present in the command infotainment system of touch pad or wheel controller And the Eco or comfort or sports or even sorts+ are something that the driver will easily be able to control but individual or by just tuning the right level is the response from the transmission and also engine response.., And for most the E400 wagon will hit just about the perfect balance in handling the corners and plush ride quality

So finally the all new Mercedes-Benz E- 400 wagon stands on the reputation that Mercedes has started from the 1977 car launch, And this new model the 2700 E400 combines the clean design, with the commendable feel and luxury that we have come and love about the Mercedes Benz and taking the legendary spirit of the W123 and decorating it with the tech of 21st century what we get is the Mercedes-Benz E- 400 wagon..,

So, there you have it a brief look at the brand new Mercedes-Benz E-400 wagon, it’s a great car and it delivers in all aspects that you would expect from Mercedes-Benz since years but what is the features that you love about the E-400 wagon, Let us know your thoughts on the Comments Section below and Help us out with some sharing on your favourite Social Medias..!

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