Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers Humans With Real Superpowers

Meeting superheroes are the fantasy of every child. The fictional, graphical beings (currently dubbed as ‘metahumans’) have been an inseparable part of childhood, globally, for the last 90 years. Recognized by their superhuman abilities and alliance with the side of Good, they achieve feats practically impossible in the real world.

But, taking a cue out of the comic books, meet these Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers as they accomplish deeds that are unbelievable, to say the least.

10 Isao Machii (Japan)


Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers
Isao Machii — Source

Meet the real world Deadpool, Isao Machii-fastest man with a sword. This neo-samurai is famous for his superfast reflexes. His feats include cutting a flying arrow in half, slicing Airsoft pellets mid-air and speeding tennis balls travelling at 440 mph.

A normal human brain cannot register objects moving at this speed, but Isao has a different sensory perception of spatial dimension and a calculating brain that enables him to achieve the impossible with his favourite katana sword.

9 Slavisa Pajkic (Serbia)


Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers
Slavisa Pajkic — Source

This human powerhouse uses electric shocks like a refreshment beverage, which he claims, rejuvenate him. He holds a Guinness World Record for allowing a shock of 20,000 volt through his body, leaving him unscathed! This guy can power light bulbs using his hands only and acts as a human heater capable of cooking foods/boiling water with his body heat. This Serbian Electro draws parallel comparison with the Marvel Comics supervillain of the same name.

8 Ben Underwood (USA)


Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers
Ben Underwood — Source

If you thought only bats & dolphins can use sonic cues to move around, think again. American Ben Underwood lost his eyesight to retinal cancer at age of 2. But as he became 5, he discovered he could produce clicking sounds to produce echoes and accumulate information from his surroundings.

He honed his abilities to the point where he could ride a bike, practice martial arts, skate and climb trees-all without eyesight! The teenage Daredevil passed away due to the same retinal cancer at age of 16 (2009).

7 Solvin (South-East Asia)


Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers
inside water — Source Youtube

The Bajau Laut is a nomadic tribe of sea-dwellers who are renowned for their expert free-diving and fishing skills. One of the members, Solvin can be rightly called the ’Master of the Sea’. The Asian Aquaman has the ability to hold his breath for 5 minutes and descend to depths more than 20 metres in the ocean, where he can stride on the ocean floor as if hunting on land.

He swims with crystal clear vision aided by constricting irises (that expand in normal people below water) while his heartbeat slows down to an incredible 30 bpm. Solvin grabs the 7th spot in our list of Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers.

6 Daniel Browning Smith (USA)


Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers
Daniel Browning Smith — Source

The only difference between Smith & Mr. Fantastic is that the former can’t extend his limbs. Holder of 3 Guinness World Records, the 38 year old Mississippian contortionist and TV celebrity never stops to amaze his audience with his incredible feats.

Smith a.k.a Rubber Boy, owes his fame to a rare medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome that enables him to bend his body in any way he wants to, including dislocating organs to fit through an unstrung tennis racket!

5 Wim Hof (Netherlands)


Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers
Wim Hof — Source

The Dutch Iceman is famous for his survival feats in extreme cold temperatures ranging from the Arctic Circle to Mount Everest. The man scaled Mount Everest (partly) upto 22,000ft (-45ºC) and completed a 43 kms marathon in Finland (-20ºC)), wearing nothing but shorts in both cases.

Hof holds 26 world records including longest ice bath lasting 1:52:42 hours as his latest feat in New York (2011).

4 Liew Thow Lin (Malaysia)


Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers
Liew Thow Lin — Source

The 70-year old is a living magnet who can get any metallic object stuck to his body-Thinking about Magneto? He can make objects weighing upto 2 kg each, stick to his body and has even pulled a car using his powers.

Scientists from Univaersiti Teknologi Malaysia found that his body stores no magnetic field but rather his extremely frictional skin creates a “suction effect” that is the source of his abilities. Liew Thow Lin grabs the 4th spot in our list of Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers.

3 Dean Karnazes (USA)


Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers
Dean Karnazes — Source

The name describes the zenith of endurance athletics- the man who can keep on running till he dies, literally. The Ultramarathon champion ran on a treadmill for 80 hours non-stop, completed 135 miles in Death Valley (California) at 49ºC and completed 50 marathons in 50 different states in 50 consecutive days.

He completed a 1000-mile marathon (San Francisco) in 75 days, without a single break for food/drinks. Talk about Herculean endurance!

2 Daniel Tammet (U.K.)


Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers
Daniel Tammet — Source YouTube

The autistic savant is a mathematical genius, embodying both Riddler and Prof. Xavier who can perform the most complex calculation in his mind. Celebrated author and polyglot, the English prodigy created his own language and holds the world record for reciting upto 22,514th digit of pi value.

The main difference between Tammet & other Savants is that he can explain how it all happens inside his head. Neat, huh?

1 Rathakrishnan Velu (Malaysia)


Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers
Rathakrishnan Velu — Source

Talk about superpowers and leave out super-strength!?Impossible as it may sound, R. Velu from Malaysia can pull weights over 200 tons i.e. a 7-coach train using a steel rope clenched to his teeth.

The secret to his Hulk-like strength is claimed by Velu to be magical; an Indian guru taught him to channel all his strength into a single body part when he was 14. Rathakrishnan Velu tops the list of Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers.

So there you go with the list of Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers that have shocked the world with their abilities.


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