Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds Smartest Dog Breeds

Even before man had become completely civilized, he learned to domesticate animals. The first beast that he tamed was the curiously intelligent canine that has hence become man’s best companion.

Today dogs are used for a multitude of roles, ranging from a house pet to acting security guards. Here we have listed Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds that are known for their intelligence and character.

10 Golden Retriever


Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
Golden Retriever — Source

This pooch is a favourite among the dog lovers for its smart outlook and obedient nature. They can be a loyal family pet that is lovable and patient, which can be taught over 200 verbal commands.

A common breed for choice when it comes to taking home a service dog, they are adept at obeying instructions and is a fabulous pet to keep.

9 German Shepherd


Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
German Shepherd — Source

One of the bravest breeds, this dog is widely used in police, military and search-and-rescue operations. Obedient, watchful and highly intelligent, it is said that they thrive on mental stimulation that directly affect behavior & functioning.

It is a dependable house pet that takes to orders instantly and learns new tricks very quickly. They are used in medical assistance as well as therapy purposes also.

8 Doberman Pinscher


Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
Doberman Pinscher — Source

Owing to their watchdog background and common usage as a bodyguard, the Pinscher may appear quite fearsome. But in reality, they are very lovable and gentle, with a knack for docility.

They make loyal companions for the old and young alike. With their acute intelligence, stamina and assertiveness, they are reputed to be one of the best canines to have in one’s possession.

7 Labrador Retriever


Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
Labrador Retriever — Source YouTube

“The Lab”, as they are affectionately dubbed, is the best dog of United States where it is the most common breed used as a pet as well as by police. It gets its name from the cold region near Newfoundland where it was first bred.

They are wonderful hunting dogs and are used in canine water rescue, therapy work & assistance (Seeing Eye dog) training. Renowned for their affection, patience and gentle nature, they are great with children.

6 Rottweiler


Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
Rottweiler — Source

The German working dog has a special sense of loyalty and trust, even among prime canine breeds. Once it has been thoroughly inducted into society after proper training, they make great companions for their masters.

They are extremely gentle with familiars and equally cautious with strangers. It would be really unfortunate for someone to be on bad of side of this strong beast.

5 Shetland Sheepdog


Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
Shetland Sheepdog — Source

The “Sheltie” comes of a herding stock and hence is energetic, playful, obedient and agile by nature. Often mistaken for their fluffy appearance, they are alert, efficient and diligent beings that show great devotion to their adopted families.

Similar to their Collie brethren, the Shelties are intelligent breeds that can be trained to react to their surroundings, and even the moods of their owners.

4 Jack Russell Terrier


Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
Jack Russell Terrier — Source Pinterest

Remember Milo, the faithful mutt from Jim Carrey’s 1994 film ‘The Mask’? The real world JRT is no different from the spirited, lively, lovable creature as portrayed in the film. In spite of its small frame, it is a formidable watchdog that can also double as a stubborn but witty companion for the entire family.

Often missing from several ‘smart dog’ lists, it is a must add in this Top 10 list, if not, owing to its agile character alone.

3 Australian Cattle Dog


Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
Australian Cattle Dog — Source YouTube

The dog from Down Under is well known for its fierce loyalty and active nature. Like all herding dogs, it is energetic and lives to do its duty. It is alert, curious and extremely focused. The downside of ACD is that without mental/physical stimulation it can get easily bored and may engage in disturbing practices, or even wander off. It is very good at reading people’s personalities.

2 Poodle


Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
Poodle — Source

Contrary to its fashionable hairdo-image, the Poodle is actually a sharp mind with a knack for obedient training. They are known for loving nature, intelligence and sense of humor. The standard sized poodles make effective guard dogs.

Originally used as a bird hunting and water retrieving dog, the smaller varieties are used for performing tricks like jumping through a hoop, balancing a ball etc. Like the ACD, it is prone to boredom in absence of mental stimulation which can get itself into trouble.

1 Border Collie


Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
Border Collie — Source

Similar to the Australian Cattle Dogs, the Collie needs a job to keep its mind occupied and saturated. The best choice to have around children and family, it is agile, athletic and possesses the intelligence of a 4-yr old meaning it can take care of almost any job given to it.

They share an intimate connection with humans that makes them ideal associates. The master of a collie is the master of a prized possession.

So, there you go with the list of Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds do let us know if you have any of them.



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