Top 5 Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad Networks

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Google AdSense
if you area blogger or an online content creator then you might probably have the idea and importance of monetizing your content obviously at the end of the day monetizing your content will fetch you the Revenue for your work but, Did you know there are various types of AD`s that Ad Networks use to monetize your Content, well if you don’t have the idea then Don’t get confused by hearing the words like CPC/PPC as either of those are the same the difference being CPC stands for Cost Per Click and PPC stands for Pay Per Click that’s it as either of them do the Same thing, now that you know what CPC/PPC stands and does you might be on the reign of making money out of it so here is a list of Top 5 Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad Networks.



5 Amobee


Kicking off the list we have Amobee which is one of the better Ad Networks available, as long as you keep your content user friendly and say no to Adult Content Amobee is just the Ad Network that you have been looking for getting started with Amobee is quite simple, hell they even have Plugins for popular WordPress, Blogger Drupal and some other small players etc. and if you are a new blogger or someone who has just started then you are into luck as Amobee offers an additional $50 Bonus for those sites which grab the attention of 25k visitors in the first month of its launch.

If you are a blogger and are looking for the best Ad Network (which you probably are),, then the Blogads is your way to go as the name speaks for itself, Blogads is everything about blogs and those who spend hours in writing blogs Blogads pays for your effort as it maximizes the margin of profits through the PPC ads that are mostly used and after that once you get a ton of traffic on your site you can start advertising on your site/blog and make real money.

If you are anew blogger and are a person who likes to Tweak then Clicksor is your way to go as mentioned with other similar Ad Networks Clicksor also provides plugins for WordPress, Drupal and many more  so give them a try it will definitely entice you as it places some clever Ad`s on your sites which will probably fetch better revenue compared to its counterparts.

The last but one Best paying Ad Network goes to Chitika as it can be a life saver for those who have their AdSense disapproved, well does it look like a page out of your book then definitely check Chitika the approval process might take up to a week or so but no more than that and for beginners you should get your first site approved then only perform it with your other sites.

The platform is quite unique as you can set and resize your own mobile friendly Ad`s that will fetch more revenue from mobile sites

Finally the first spot in our list of Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad Networks goes to the undisputed king of Ad networks aka Google AdSense, it is the highest paying Ad Network which is the go to network to any site or blog, did we mention it is the first Ad Network that one needs to approve before even thinking of going to any other Ad Networks, so that’s the thing but that’s not the only reason why its in the top spot of our list but because of its versatility and high profit margin on your Ads so what are you waiting for go ahead and monetize your content and make real money.

Top 5 Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad Networks

Sr No. Names
1 Google AdSense
2 Chitika
3 Clicksor
4 Blogads
5 Amobee
There you have it a quick look at the List of the Top 5 Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad Networks, So did the above info help you in any way to make better revenue out of yr online content if not are there any Ad Networks that you feel are worth featuring on this list do Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your Favorite Social Networks.


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