Top 5 best widgets 2016

Widget’s are a must to every Android user as they make our Smartphone experience a lot easier whether it’s about showing you the current stocks or your current weather widget’s are every where but what if we say we have some other widget’s which will just make your life easier so these are the Top 5 widget’s of 2016..,

Dash Clock:


So the first Widget on our list is the Dash Clock and for those who haven’t used this widget the simple way to justify it is that this is a clock Widget on Steroids, right of the bad you will notice that as the widget offers extensions by which you can add your to do list or your alarm but that’s not it the reason why were call it on Steroids is because it also offers third party extensions aka from the Playstore so by that you can also add your system info, or your remaining phone storage and much more you just need to search and that’s not it you can also select the type if Clock you want so all and all there are a top of features in this widget so it is a must on those Smartphone and best of all it’s Free on the Playstore so it doesn’t hurt to try..,

Dash Clock

 Power Toggles:



Yes the next Widget on our list goes to the ever so popular power toggles and I know the question that pops out of your mind is that all of the phones have Power Toggles on their Smartphones already then why this? Then my answer would be no as the is for those special people who doesn’t want to do the hand gymnastic’s and also for those who want to make their Smartphone their very own as gives customization option with a variety of choice of  Themes, add more toggles or you can even add apps here..,

Power Toggles

Zooper Widget Pro:

The next one on our list is the Zooper widget Pro which I guess many might already have it not you are missing a lot as this widget is the must have for any Smartphone this widget is also suitable who loves to customize their Smartphone to their liking as this is a DIY thing where you need to download Themes or skins to fully take advantage of it and after that you can change almost all of the settings of the widget from location of the widget or even what to appear when you Tap on the widget etc however if you need to download more 3rd party skins then the pro version costs 3$ but without that there wouldn’t be any differences but once you start using widget you definitely agree in spending the every penny..,

Zooper Widget Free
Zooper Widget Pro

On Time Dynamic Widget:



The next widget on our list is one of its kind which is actually quite handy as this widget will allow you to keep a certain apps for a specific time it means if you use a certain app at a certain time then you can preset it then automatically when the time comes it will directly be displayed on your Homescreen so it a nifty app for those tend to forget where the right app at the right time..,

On Time

Calendar widget – Month:

And the last but definately not the least widget on our list is as the name suggests the month calendar widget and it’s pretty self explanatory it displays the month widget along with ask you’re events but the reason why i like it soo much is because it has no ads so that’s nice and also because it is one of the few widgets which despite being free gives options for tons of Themes age also you can hook it up with your Google account so that all this appropriate events will automatically sync and also you can easily add any events directly from the Widget which is a nice touch and also you can resize the widget so that it perfectly fits your icon pack so over all this is a must download..!

Calendar Widget – Month

So, there you have it Top 5 Best widget’s of 2016, so what do you feel about the widget’s that we featured above did any of the above entice you to download of Yes then which one is it Let us know your thoughts on the Comments Section below and Help us out with some sharing on your favourite Social Medias..!


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