Top 5 Largest Forests in The World

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It’s been just a couple of days that we have talked about the Top 5 Greenest cities in the World and today we are here discuss the Top 5 Largest Forests Around the World.

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5 Tongass National Forest of North America

Tongass National Forest of North America – Photo via

So, kicking the we have The Tongass National Forest of North America, as it’s considered to be the largest national forest in the United States and This forest covers a large area of over 17+ million acres of land and is one of the more dense and beautiful at the same time. This forest also happens to be the habitat of a number of endangered species of the world as well as our beloved Flora and Fauna and several more species.

4 South America’s rainforest

South America’s rainforest – Photo via

Next up we have The Valdivian Temperate Rainforest of South America the forest lies mostly in the Chile and extends all the way into a small parts of Argentina It is also considered to be the 4th largest forest on the world, as this forest is also a part of Neotropicecozone, These forests are very highly characterized by their dark understories of ferns, bamboos as well as their evergreen angiosperm trees. Not to mention as These forests are considered as one of the densest forests in the entire World.

3 Africa ‘s rainforest – Congo

Africa ‘s rainforest – Congo – Photo via

Next up we have The Congo Rainforest of Africa as it is considered to be the 3rd largest forest in the world. This forest is the portion of the Congo River Basin in the Eastern continent of Africa. The large forest spreads over an area of 2,043,438 sq² kilometers, which alone is more than that of Alaska as well as Saudi Arabia combined. And before we forget to mention the Congo rainforest is also considered as the 2nd largest tropical forest in the entire world.

2 South America Forest

South America Forest – Photo via

The Runner up on this list is the The famous Amazon forests of South America which are considered as the 2nd largest forest of the word, The broadleaf of the Amazon Forests are spread through various countries like the great Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela etc. Not to mention the huge size of The forest which are spread up to an area of 7 Million sq² kilometers.

1 North America – Asia – Europe ,Taiga

North America – Asia – Europe ,Taiga – Photo via
Finally the largest Forest mankind will ever witness is the Taiga, Technically to say the least, it is a huge jungle. This is a combination of ecological as well as biological system combined in the form of a jungle. This forest spreads over a gigantic area of 12 Million sq² kilometers i.e., in Russia alone and we will let that Speak for it, as the size of the forest is even more than that of two most populated countries in the world that are the INDIA and China combined together.!

Top 5 largest Forests in The World

Sr No. Names
1 North America – Asia – Europe ,Taiga
2 South America Forest
3 Africa‘s Rainforest – Congo
4 South America’s Rainforest
5 Tongass National Forest of North America

List of all the forests featured above

So, there you have it a list of the Top 5 Largest Forests Around the world, so are you amazed by the Large size that the forest packs, do Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below and Help us out with some sharing on your favourite Social Networks..!




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