Top 5 Most Beautiful Models 2016

They are Exquisite

Beauty is something that we all desire for and when it comes to beautiful fashion models it is no surprise that we all feel Tempted but let’s take that Temptation to a Next level as these are Top 5 most beautiful fashion models 2016,
Be sure to stay till the end to get even tempted.

5 Kate Upton

Generated by  IJG JPEG Library
Generated by IJG JPEG Library

Yes! Kate Upton kicks off the list with get beautiful looks and the American model cum Actress has gained a lot of fame from her appearance in the Mega Sports swimsuit issues, nevertheless she is considered as one of the most successful models in the world,

She is not only one of the most successful models but also one of the highest earning models with a whopping sum of about $7 million and she is one of the sexiest models of all time with coverage on the Vogue JB several countries like Italy, Germany and Britain etc.

4 Kate Moss

Kate Moss - Photo Via
Kate Moss – Photo Via

Yes, it’s kate Moss this time born on the 16th of January 1974, Kate Moss generated a lot of fame with her chic fashion trend and had gained a lot of craze all over the world for get zero size campaign, She has also been appeared in very other different campaigns such as Calvin Klein, Gucci and also Chanel which makes her stand among one of the highest paid models with a sum of $7 million (approx).

3 Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima - Photo Via
Adriana Lima – Photo Via
No this time there isn’t another kate, but it’s the Brazilian model cum actress Adriana Lima who is well known for Victoria’s secret Angel since late 2000’s, and which makes her stand among one of the most desirable supermodel in the world, She makes a whopping $8 million with her several appearance in worldwide shows as not only model but also as spokesperson.

2 Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes – Photo Via
Doutzen kroes the Dutch model cum actress born on 23rd January of 1985, also one is the highest paid model with a whopping share of about $8 million annually, and it’s solely because of her sparkling beauty which made her the faces of Time, Vogue, Harper’s bazaar etc.

1 Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen - Photo Via
Gisele Bundchen – Photo Via
Gisele Bundchen the stunning lady takes the first spot in our list with her Exquisite style and looks, who is also the highest paid actress in the world, with a whopping earning of $47 million which is higher than that of combined all other models together featured in this list, she is the ambassador of Goodwill for United Nations Environment Program which makes her the richest and powerful women in the world and also represents several top brands and several commercial AD’s and campaigns..!

Top 5 most beautiful models 2016

Sr No. Names
1 Gisele Bundchen
2 Doutzen Kroes
3 Adriana Lima
4 Kate Moss
5 Kate Upton
Here is the list of all the Super models.

Top 5 Most beautiful fashion models, so are you amazed by the Sizzling list provided above, Let us know your thoughts on the Comments Section below and Help us out with some sharing on your favourite Social networks..

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