Top 5 most expensive cars in the world

We all love expensive cars, but not everyone among us might have the money to buy an expensive cars but if you are a Bill Gates and want to buy the most expensive Car on the earth or you want some Choice then today we have decided to Solve your dilemma as these are the Top 5 Most expensive Cars available on the Market (2016)

5Ferrari pininfarina Sergio 3 Million US$

Top 5 Best Selling Smartphones 2016 – Globally – Photo via
Ferrari pininfarina Sergio 3 Million US$ – Photo via

So, kicking off the list we have the ever famous but Scarce the legend Ferrari pininfarina Sergio however it is not the most expensive Car available on the market but nevertheless it is one of the most expensive Cars ever with the asking price of 3Million US$, you can easily conclude that Ferrari pininfarina Sergio is not that cake that everyone can taste as there were only 6 Car’s ever made.,

Ferrari pininfarina Sergio is scarce not because it’s name but because it was Crafted by the legendary Italian design house Pininfarina if not that the Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio is more or less the same as the Ferrari Spider 458, which means it has all the internals as the Spider 458 has the same 4.5 litre V8 with a whopping 562HP engine, but it has completely revamped internal and externals which not only makes the Sergio ever Premium but also gives it some Premium features like aerodynamic headrests which are directly embedded into the roll cage..,

Buy these features alone don’t make the Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio expensive but it was because there buying process was extremely convoluted as each owner was chosen by the automaker itself which makes one of the most adorable and Rare invite only available vehicles ever made in the history.

4Bugatti Veyron limited edition – Mansory vivera 3.4 Million US$

Bugatti Veyron limited edition 3.4 Million US$ – Photo via

As we are talking about expensive Cars his can we leave the legend Bugatti Veyron, but this time it’s not a regular Bugatti Veyron but this time it’s the limited edition Bugatti Veyron Mansory Vivere but not because it’s one among the fastest CAR’s in the world but because but also because it is one if the must expensive cars in the world,.

Bugatti Veyron Mansory Vivere is Exquisitely Crafted and is Augmented by the German Witch Doctors Mansory which starts as a Grand sport vitesse roadster with its 1200 HP engine not only that but with a all new spoiler package, and upgraded LED lighting system, a reenforced cabin and a redefined Front grill, which classifies the Veyron as a work of art and before we forget to mention Bugatti Veyron Mansory Vivere is one of the fastest CAR’s with a top speed of 254MPH

3W Motors Lykan hypersport 3.4Million US$

W Motors Lykan hypersport – Photo via

The Lykan hypersport  Starts with an exquisite styling which not only includes jewel- encrusted headlights but also Jewel encrusted scissor doors and also interior which looks like ripped from the sci-fi movies of future, and is one of the best When it comes to performance with a 3.7 litre Dual Turbo flat-six engine which yields a 770 HP and also a 708LB ft..,

If you have Read about our Top 5 fastest police CAR’s in the world article, then you will probably remember that The Dubai police authority is the best When it comes to providing the best cars to their officials and such is the case with this beast as the Abu Dhabi police officials use the Hypersport into the patrol duty for various reasons.., and it can easily reach an impressive top speed of 0-60MPh in just 2.8 Seconds, and it’s top speed is also 240MPh..!

2 Lamborghini veneno 4.5Million US$

Lamborghini veneno 4.5Million US$ – Photo via
Lamborghini veneno 4.5Million US$ – Photo via

Lamborghini veneno is a modified Aventador but it’s not just a modified version of the same but the car is stunning to look at no matter which angle you choose to look at, and not only beauty but the veneno is just fast with a 6.5Litre engine the V12 flyes all the way upto 8400RPM and delivers an impressive 740HP a 507LB-ft which allows the beast veneno to go all the way 0-60MPh in just 2.9 Seconds.,

But what is not surprising is that with all this package the Lamborghini veneno will set you back 4.5 million US$..

1 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita 4.8Million US$

Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita 4.8Million US$ – Photo via
Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita 4.8Million US$ – Photo via

Finally the wait is over as the legendary Car makers best the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita makes it to the top spot with which it makes it the currently available most expensive Street beast ever produced in the world..,

But it’s not only because of speed but because it’s literally coated with diamonds and you know diamonds not only being Scarce but also being expensive,

The Swedish manufacturer developed a proprietary diamond weave, which involves carbon fibers with a dust-impregmated resin, and if it feels a little too hypothetical to you then just imagine how much the diamond touch up paint will cost.,

The Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita features but only impressive looks but also it’s is impressive underneath the hood as it is powered by a 4.8 litre dual supercharged V8 engine with an output of 1004 horsepower and also a pound feet of torque which makes it the fastest car ever, and it’s the best not only in performance but also in price which makes it the most expensive cars available on the Market..!

All the CAR’s featured on this list:

1. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita 4.8MUS$
2. Lamborghini veneno 4.5MUS$
3. W Motors Lykan hypersport 3.4MUS$
4. Bugatti Veyron limited edition – Mansory vivera 3.4MUS$
5. Ferrari pininfarina Sergio 3MUS$

And so there you have it a quick look at the Top 5 most expensive cars in the market are you amazed with what these cars are made and are priced if yes then let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and if felt Helpful us out with some sharing on your favourite Social Medias..!

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