Top 5 Tyre Brands 2017

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Whether its about a long journey in a car or even on a Motor bike tires are something that if not used of good quality can lead to a fatal situation that you would never want to visit, so it is always a better idea to choose a Good and Reliable Brands Tyre, but what brand to choose if that’s something that you are confused about and that’s quite common as there are quite a lot of companies which sound good but today we will answer this question for you as these are the Top 5 Tire Brands 2017.

5 MRF (India)

MRF – Photo via

So kicking off the list we have the Reputable brand from one of the fastest growing country, and this prestige can go to nothing but MRF, which offers great reliability and value to the vehicle and many loyal customers keep coming back to MRF no matter what vehicle they buy which they should as MRF Tyre hold a nice balance between being too expensive or affordable and these are one of the few brands which provide great price to performance ratio.

4 Apollo (India)

Apollo – Photo via

Its India again as Apollo tires are one of the more reliable Tyre companies not only in India but in the entire world which is a huge compliment to the Company, and considering the fact that theses tires are on the expensive end of the spectrum but that doesn’t stop the loyal customers to get Apollo.

3 Goodyear (USA)

Goodyear – Photo via
No its Not India Again as this time USA takes the cake, which it should as Goodyear tires offer great reliability and peace of mind, which should firstly be confirmed  while choosing any company and Goodyear Tyre excel in this regard and so its international name and goodwill keeps its customers stick around if once entered into the ecosystem.

2 Michelin (France)

Michelin – Photo via

So the last but one car manufacture on our list goes to Michelin which is a France based company and the name speaks quality which it reflects in its tires, and there can’t be a customer who have bought Michelin tires and have Ent used for less than 4 years at least, which is quite a long time and journey and these tires can easily handle the rough path that may take the tyres from but one thing for sure is if once you get Michelin tires then you can have that peace of mind which can’t always be said about every Tire companies.

1 Bridgestone (Japan)

Bridgestone – Photo via

Finally the winner of our list of Top 5 Tire Brands 2017 goes to none other than the Japanese¬† manufacturer Bridgestone as its tires offer one of the if not the best reliability, Trust, Performance and that all are something that can’t be found in most of the brands and Bridgestone has been one of the oldest companies available till now so with that all combined it is the best Tire Company of 2017.

Top 5 Tyre Brands 2017

Sr No. Names
1 Bridgestone (JAPAN)
2 Michelin (France)
3 Goodyear (USA)
4 Apollo (INDIA)

There you have it a quick look at the Top 5 Tire Brands 2017, do you agree with our conclusion if not what is that you don’t agree with do let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your favorite Social Networks.

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